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As a Website Publisher, you recognize that income from the ads you host is vital to continued growth of your online commerce.

Many have found that managing the site ads can be time-consuming an even a drudgery. In order to increase you income it becomes imperative that you establish and manage when and where your ads should appear. If an advertiser's campaign has very precise requiremts , such as only appearing in certain countries or at a specific time of the day, it can be difficult to carry out these types of instructions.

This is where an ad server like Nuvem ADWorks can make the differnce between success and failure. Nuvem's ad server helps the delivery of ads to your pages, allowing you to control the placement of ads from ADWorks, other ad networks, and in house ads. For example by using ADWorks you can receive ads from the Nuvem network, other networks such as Google or Yahoo, or you can sell your own ad space to specific advertisers.



Guaranteed to make money- The ADWorks system pay by the visualization. NOT BY THE CLICK. In this way you know exactly what you will receive for each 1000 views. No more worrying that no one clicks. It doesn’t matter with Nuvem. You make money all the time.

Choose where to show ads - Specify where you want ads to appear. Choose what types of ads can compete for those empty spaces.

Banner Ad distribution - Specify where you want ads to show. Choose what category of ads can participate in those ad spaces. Use our adaptable distribution program to control the delivery of banners on your site.

Inventory organization -Classify your inventory to complement how you sell your site's ad supply. ADWork’s accommodating inventory and its ability to target your market increase your sales prospects. You choose which ad formats to accept. It can be graphic, text or video.

Increase your potential Income. You are able to place ADWorks, third party ads and any of your own customers ads on your site. You are not charged when you place you own ads, even when you use the ADWorks system.

Extensive Reporting – Accurate and real-time reporting allows you to optimize your web real estate and discover new path to opportunities. detailed reports help you identify ways to make more money. Nuvem’s performance reports can analyze your data by earnings by specific day or date range, earnings by page, domain, ad unit, clicks or CPM. Everything you need to know to make an intelligent decision.

Insightful user interface – Easy to use, fast to learn and intuitive controls decreases the learning curse and allows you to spend more time on matters that require your involvement.

Considerable cost savings for everyone - You do not pay for the ad serving service, hosting, maintenance or bandwidth costs. You don’t need to invest in any software or hardware. The ads are delivered to your site for free.

Get paid regularly through our reliable payment options