How it works

By driving advertiser and web site owners to use as their ad server platform, affiliates can actually make money while they sleep.  Due to our redundancy programming our ad server platforms runs continuously without any downtime enabling our affiliates to make money 24/7.

We service:

  • Internet advertisers

      1. We offer display and video advertisements throughout the world;
      2. Our ads are Geo-targeted, meaning that an advertiser can specify where and when they want their ads delivered;
      3. Cost per 1000 can be as low as $0.99;
      4. Advertiser can control their daily allotment for advertising.  Our simple to use slider permits an accurate expense to the penny;
      5. Numerous reports are provided so that an advertiser can determine the effectiveness of  their investment;
      6. BEST OF ALL  - the results are guaranteed.  We do not charge per click, instead we charge per 1000 view.  Whether you have 200 clicks or 10 clicks, you pay the same. 
      7. No more uncertainty. Our prices are one of the lowest in the industry
  • Website owners
      1. For every website an affiliate signs up, he or she will receive approximately 10% of the amount earned by that website;
      2. Websites can mix our ads with those of other provider such as Google; and
      3. We provide our ad server for the website’s own ads.  They pay nothing. We provide them this service as a coutesy.
      4. We pay the website up to 10X the industry average.
      5. Website owners get paid by the views, not by the click and everyone makes money.
  • Become an Affiliate

    Get involved in the fastest internet business to earn more money.
    Conduct your business anywhere. 
    No physical office required.
    No setup fee.

  • What do I do next?

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