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AdBanners overview

If you have decided to take control of your online advertising, Nuvem AdBanners, can save you money and time, while you reach out for new customers anywhere in the world.  With AdBanners you can choose where your own banner will appear, set up a realistic budget (no minimum spending or setup fee required) and 24/7 see how well you campaign is running.Reach only the people and business that your business needs. Your ad will appear on Nuvem’s partner websites.  Our  “pay by view,” takes out the uncertainty of your investment.  No confusing and expensive  “cost-per click” advertising.  You are never surprised.  You know exactly how many potential customers saw your ad and of course, you will also know how many clicks you received. But you will never be charged by the click. Best of all, our ad rates is one of the lowest in the industry.

How you benefit with Nuvem.

  • Reach out for people at the exact moment they are searching for you.
  • You can choose where your ad will appear – you can include or exclude websites.
  • You can Geo-Target you ad to appear in any specific area of the world, country, and city.
  • You can choose the language of your ad and the language of the websites.


If you run a Brazilian restaurant in Miami, your ad will only be seen in Florida and in the language of your choice.If you are a voip telephone company will customers in Brazil and the U.S., you can limit the distribution of your ad to the U.S. and Brazil. Cost per click or cost per thousand – which is better for you. Over the years, there has been an ongoing battle between CPC and CPM. CPC means Cost per Click ads, while CPM means Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions of the ad.

Let’s just take a look.Assume that you bid $2.00/click for your CPC ad and commit to a $500 monthly budget. You are guaranteed 250 clicks. Now assume that you agree to pay a $10 /cpm for the same ad and commit to the same $500 budget. You are guaranteed that your ad will be seen 50,000 times. To get the same number of clicks, 0.5. % of the people who see the ad would have to click on it (that’s click through rate, or CTR). 

However, in a study conducted by a a Yale University graduate, you can see the actual average yield for clicks by the thousand (CPM) compared to clicks.


*The author of this graph Jonathan Hochman’s credentials includes Qualified Google Advertising Professional and Microsoft adExcellence Member. He has spoken at national conferences, including Web 2.0 Summit, Search Marketing Expo (SMX) and Search Engine Strategies (SES), and has contributed articles to Search Engine LandSearch Marketing Standard, and Internet Evolution.

As you will note from the above graph, the average Click through rate is .07%, .02% higher.

So in the same example, if the advertiser purchased 50,000 views, a .07% return would realize 350 clicks.  In other words for the same expense of $500 per month, the advertiser in this scenario would receive an additional 100 clicks.  A 40% increase in responses!

Which is better? There simple is no choice. 

Nuvem’s AdBanners CPM allows you to know exactly what you are spending; and you receive more clicks for the money.

  • Manage your budget

    1. With cost-per-view advertising, there is no bidding and the stress surrounding it. You're charged only when someone views your ad, not when your ad is clicked. In this way you will receive more clicks for your budget.

    2. You decide how much or little you want to spend monthly, and you’ll never be charged more than that amount.

    3. There's no minimum spending commitment.

  • Nuvem’s extensive reports make your investment with Nuvem transparent. You can see the actual results, and you make better advertisement decisions:

    • View a report of how your ad is faring -- see how many new customers follow your ad  to your business, where the  come from, and from which computer.

    • Use Nuvem' s tools to edit and develop your ad, and boost the number of potential customers who make contact with your business.

It's effortless to get started, and it's simple to pause or stop your campaign.  And there are no strings attached, everything is transparent.

Our Geo-targeting system reduces your cost to advertise.