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What is the, Internet advertising system?  is a free hosted ad serving solution that facilitates emergent publishers to get up and running fast while providing access to mature programs for both advertisers and publishers..

For Publishers - Nuvem's ad server helps the delivery of ads to your pages, allowing you to control the placement of ads from Nuvem, other ad networks, and in house ads. For example by using Nuvem you can receive ads from the Nuvem network, other networks such as Google or Yahoo, or you can sell your own ad space to specific advertisers.

Choose where to show ads - Specify where you want ads to appear. Choose what types of ads can compete for those empty spaces.

Banner & Video Ad distribution - Specify where you want ads to show. Choose what category of ads can participate in those ad spaces. Use our adaptable distribution program to control the delivery of banners on your site.

For Advertisers - you can take control of your online advertising; Nuvem can save you money and time, while you reach out for new customers anywhere in the world.  With AdBanners you can choose where your own banner will appear, set up a realistic budget (no minimum spending or setup fee required) and 24/7 see how well you campaign is running.
How you benefit with Nuvem.

1. Reach out for people at the exact moment they are searching for you.
2. You can choose where your ad will appear – you can include or exclude websites.
3. You can Geo-Target you ad to appear in any specific area of the world, country, and city.
4. You can choose the language of your ad and the language of the websites.

What is an Ad Server?

An ad server is a computer server, specifically a web server, that stores advertisements used in online marketing and delivers them to website visitors.

The content of the web server is constantly up dated so that the website or webpage on which the ads are displayed contains new advertisements -- e.g., banners (static images/animations) or text -- when the site or page is visited or refreshed by a user. In addition, t he ad server also performs various other tasks like counting the number of impressions/clicks for an ad campaign and report generation, which helps in determining the ROI for an advertiser on a particular website. Ad serve rs come in two flavors: local ad servers and third-party or remote ad servers. Local ad servers are typically run by a single publisher and serve ads to that publisher's domains, allowing fine-grained creative, formatting, and content control by that publisher. Remote ad servers can serve ads across domains owned by multiple publishers. They deliver the ads from one central source so that advertisers and publishers can track the distributio n of their online advertisements, and have one location for controlling the rotation and distribution of their advertisements across the web.

What is the, Internet advertising system?

1. You have request for advertisers to place ads on your website(s).
2. You require a reliable method to deliver ads that make you the most money with the least amount of effort.
3. You want to start serving ads on your website an do not have the training or experienced with advanced ad serving programs.
4. You want to gain control over when, where, and to whom your are ads delivered.
5. You want to advertise on the Internet and receive the greatest amount of experience with the least expense.
6. You would like to able to see how ell your ad campaign is doing 24/7.

What is the difference between Nuvem ADBanners and Nuvem Publisher?

Nuvem Publisher offers a comprehensive ad solution with powerful ad management and ad serving features for ad management and serving needs of expanding website publishers who prefer a self-managed, ready-to-use solution with significant levels of customization and flexibility.  Nuvem Publisher removes the chore of ad serving management for the website publisher and place the responsibility on Nuvem Publisher and its team of experience database managers. Nuvem ADBanners delivers your ads, banners, text or video, to its partner websites thought the world in a way that you can control the time place and regularity in a simple to use control panel.

Can I use Nuvem Ad Banners and Nuvem Publisher simultaneously?

Yes, can be both a publisher for your websites and an advertiser/affiliate to sell the ads.  However, you cannot sell ads to your own website(s).  This would be a violation of our terms and conditions.

Are ther any cost associated with Nuvem Publisher or Nuvem ADBanners?

Nuvem ADBanners advertisers pay a fee determined by the number of visualization you ad receives.  Nuvem does not charge by the click.  Our rates are one of the lowest in the industry and mathematically you will be paying much less by the pay by view than with pay by click.  However our reports detail the number of clicks your ad receives. See rates.

I am a publisher, how do I get paid?

Nuvem Publisher pays by the view, not by the click. In this manner you are guaranteed payment even if there are no clicks on your ads.

Signing up

You can sign up by clicking here

Are Nuvem Publisher and Nuvem ADBanners available worldwide?

Yes. Nuvem ADBanner and Buvem Oublisher is available around the world.

Does Nuvem has policies that advertisers and publisher have to comply with?

Yes, Publisher and Adverisers are required to adhere to the following policies.  Nuvem Policies.
In some cases we work with publishers to accomplish policy compliance; however, we reserve the right to not display advertisements that violate these policies, to disable ad serving on sites that violate these policies or even to close offending accounts. We may modify our policies at any time, and pursuant to our Terms and Conditions, you are  responsibile to keep up to date with and obey the policies posted.

Does Nuvem have an enforcement arm?

Yes, Nuvem proactively monitor Nuvem publishers and advertisers to verify for continued compliance with our policies. If we find publishers or advertisers that do not comply with our policies or Terms and Conditions, we may suspend or terminate the account.

Must Publishers work exclusively with Nuvem’s ADBanner system?

No. Nuvem does not require exclusivity. You may freely to use other ad management and ad serving products along with Nuvem Publisher, terminate Nuvem service or switch to another provider at any time.  In fact we provide to our advertisers free use of our ad serving platform for the publishers in-house ads at no charge.